RCCG Warwick

About RCCG Warwick

We are a church that believes in Jesus & loves God

Welcome Brothers & Sisters

At THE REDEEMED CHRISTIAN CHURCH OF GOD, HGZ, WARWICK, it’s our mission to help you explore your relationship with God and improve those meaningful relationships in your family life. Join us each Sunday and experience the warmth of faith and the strength of our community.


Our Mission

Raising a people that will demonstrate the Power & Grace of our Lord Jesus to a dying world, through their daily interaction.

(John 8:12, Philippians 2:15)

Our Vision

To Reveal the Power and Grace of Jesus to our community and to nations.

(Matthew 5:14)


Our 5MS

Our 5 years mission statement is to preach the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST directly to Five Thousand people living in WARWICK, WARWICKSHIRE and ENVIRONS in five years (May 2017 – May 2022), through our weekly worship services, 60 Special Events, distribution of our Church Christian literatures and other media outlets.
We will also commit to pray for 1 hour every day (with a total of 1826 hours in five years) for these souls.

Our Pastors

Pastor David Olanrewaju and Deaconess Angela Olanrewaju are both Pastors and Administrators in The Redeemed Christian Church of God.

They started serving as Pastors in 2010 in RCCG and are currently serving in RCCG Holy Ghost Zone, Warwick Parish.

Pastor David Olanrewaju also serves in different roles within the RCCG structure.


Need Prayer? We’ll Pray For You!